Info: The game is set in the fictional town of Radiator Springs, where it takes place after the movie, the player must compete in 30 races to help Lightning McQueen win his first Piston Cup. The game takes place in an open world environment in the vein of Need for Speed and Midnight Club and…

Beyblade V-Force – Ultimate Blader

Info: Ultimate Blader Jam is not like the other Beyblade games where you spinbattle, instead your goal is to move your beyblade through a map to the end. Beyblade V-Force 2 To get emulator click here

Batman Vengeance

Info: After saving a woman named Mary Flynn, Batman learns that the Joker has abducted Mary’s son, Toby, and is holding him for ransom and will kill him if she does not pay up soon. Batman comes face-to-face with the Joker at a partially demolished Gotham bridge, and Mary reveals herself to be the Joker’s…

Batman Begins

Info: Batman Begins features the utilization of the environment to frighten opponents. Certain gadgets designed to frighten enemies during combat are provided, such as smoke grenades, flash bang grenades, and an ‘HF Transponder’, which summons bats to gather around and incapacitate enemies with fear. To get emulator click here

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Info: Allow you to control one of four characters – Aang, Katara, Haru, or Sokka in a single-player adventure. Each character uses his or her own trademark weapon and fighting style, and is able to earn new special abilities through experience gained from defeating enemies. To get emulator click here

Advance Wars

Info: The objective is to defeat the enemy army. There are two ways to defeat an opponent: destroy every one of the opponent’s units on the map or capture the opponent’s headquarters. To get emulator click here

2 in 1 – Looney Tunes – Dizzy Driving + Looney Tunes – Acme Antics

Info: 2 in 1 Looney Tunes: Dizzy Driving Looney Tunes – Acme Antics. This free Game Boy Advance game is the US region version. 2 in 1 Looney Tunes: Dizzy Driving Looney Tunes – Acme Antics is a single title from the many racing games, action games and driving game. To get emulator click here